Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Trial Close

The Trial Close Separates The Sales Pros From The Amateurs
By: Nick Moreno

Too many salespeople never ask for an order. Obviously, these salespeople never last very long in sales. Others only ask for the order once they are convinced the prospect is ready to be closed. These salespeople are missing out on a very powerful sales tool, the trial close. It’s a key tool that will increase sales performance. Let’s look at why a trial closes work.

Trial Close And The Sales Process

The trial close is about asking for the order when you assume the prospect is probably not ready to be closed. Let me explain why you would ask for the order when you believe the prospect is not ready to hand you the order. Thinking about a trial close yet?
First of all, your assumptions may not be accurate. Some trial closes actually close the deal. You may have thought the prospect wasn’t ready but in reality the prospect was anxious to do business with you. So, congratulations! Your Trial Close resulted in success.

Trial Close Is A Compass

Most of the time, your assumptions will be correct and the prospect is not ready to be closed. The Trial Close is a great way to uncover why the prospect isn’t ready. The Trial Close is like a compass that allows the salesperson to discover where they are in the Sales Process.

Trial Close And Objections

When your prospect balks at handing you the order, you want to know why. At this point, you will surely get some questions, concerns or objections. Thanks to the Trial Close you now know what’s on your prospect’s mind. Your job is to successfully address all those questions, concerns and objections. Once you do, you absolutely must, once again, ask for the order.

When To Trial Close

The trial close should be used right after you’ve presented your product as the answer to your prospect’s problems, wants or needs. You’ve presented all the benefits your prospect will enjoy by using your product or service. You’ve also cost justified the purchasing decision. The only thing left to do at this point is to trial close. That’s when to implement an effective trial close.

Trial Close With Confidence

Since you may feel your prospect isn’t ready to be closed you may be hesitant about confidently asking for the order and that would be a big mistake. Whenever you ask for an order, you must do it with confidence and that confidence must be evident even during a trial-closing attempt.

As you can see, the Trial Close is a powerful sales tool and you now know when and how to implement it. As a sales strategy, you can’t ignore the usefulness of a solid trial-closing attempt. I hope you’ll use it often and I hope that this advice will have you earning more commissions with your Trial Close.
To your sales success!

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