Saturday, April 17, 2010

Goal Setting really does work!


In a study done at Harvard University more than 40 years ago, researchers polled the graduating class of 1953 to find out how many students actually had clearly written specific goals and a plan for achieving them. This being a class of highly intelligent people at one of the world's most renowned universities, you'd expect the answer to be most of them, right?

Not even close. In fact, only 3 percent of the class had taken the time to write down their goals. Now here comes the really interesting part. Some 20 years later, researchers polled this same group of graduates to see how they had fared in life. It turned out that the 3 percent who had written down their goals had accumulated more wealth than the other 97 percent of their class combined! Researchers reported that these people also seemed healthier and happier than their classmates

Set Goals and stay focused!

Good Luck out there!