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Top Canadian Employers

Top Canadian Employers

In the Saturday, October 22, 2005 issue of the National Post, there was a special feature in the FP Working section on Canada’s best places to work। The article rated Canadian workplaces based on their benefits, perks and working conditions.

Here are some of the “Perks” companies offered that helped them attain the Best Employer Status:

4 weeks after 1 year
4 weeks after 2 years
4 weeks after 3 years
3 weeks paid vacation to start
3 weeks + 2 paid days off + 4 extra long-weekends in summer + 3 more holidays at Christmas
3 weeks + 3 paid personal days off
3 weeks + 2 paid personal days off
Trade unused benefits for more vacation days
Extra week off when you introduce a new product
Extra vacation if employees don’t use all sick days
1 month paid sabbatical after 4 years
8 weeks paid sabbatical every 10 years
Get paid for 1st week of month-long leave
Paid days off and unpaid leave
1 paid personal day off each month
3 to 12 paid personal days
5 paid days off each year in hourly increments to run errands or deal with personal issues
Previous work experience can increase vacation entitlement
Option to buy/sell an extra week of vacation each year
Paid holidays over Christmas
Paid leave (up to 3 months) for volunteer work
2 to 5 paid days off for volunteering at charities
10 paid days off each year to tend to elderly parents and children

Tuition subsidies (either for yourself or your children attending post-secondary institution)
Onsite and online training programs (can be a $ limit per employee)
Post-secondary scholarship program for employee’s kids
Training workshops
Management training programs co-sponsored by a university
Apprenticeship programs
Some offer full salaries
Education grants ($7,500 each)
Cash bonuses ($1,000 to $2,500) for completing courses
Individual training budgets for each employee

On-site Fitness centre (family memberships avail.)
Up to $1,400 for health club memberships
Wellness program
Annual wellness week
Flexible health benefits plan
Personal trainers
Free health benefits for family members
Free pedometers for all employees

Monthly lottery covers cost for one employee

Employee lounge with fireplace
Staff input on office location
Onsite café
Onsite Tim Hortons or Starbucks
Onsite 4-star restaurant
Open-house days for employees
Employee opens books to employees every month
Diversity advisory councils networking groups
Rooftop patio
Parties each summer

Maternity top-up (100% for 27 weeks)
Maternity top-up (100% for 26 weeks)
Maternity top-up (100% for 18 weeks) as well as paternity, adoptive
Maternity top-up (100% for 17 weeks)
Maternity top-up (95% for 52 weeks)
Maternity top-up (95% for 50 weeks)
Maternity top-up (95% for 15 weeks)
Maternity top-up (93% for 52 weeks)
Maternity top-up (75% for 25 weeks)
Maternity top-up (70% for 25 weeks)
Maternity top-up (70% for 15 weeks)
Maternity top-up (55% to 80% of salary for 26 weeks)
Subsidized day care
Up to $7540 each year
Adoption subsidy for new parents ($2,800 - $5,000)
Adoption leave (18 weeks)
Paternity top-up (70% for 24 weeks)
Paternity top-up (100% for 18 weeks)
Paternity top-up (95% for 37 weeks)
Compassionate leave (8 weeks or 2 month top up)
Extended maternity leave (to 3 years)
Emergency daycare
New fathers get 3 paid days off
Family issues committee responsible for improving work-life issues
Free family retreat at company lodge
Additional week off when employee gets married
Can also give $500 and a limo
Phased-in return to work program for mothers
Quality of Life Advisor

Original artworks by employees displayed at company’s onsite café
Referral bonus for new hires
Up to $5,000
Afternoon movie breaks at local movie theatre
Onsite theatre for movie nights with family and friends
Flexible hours/work schedule
Onsite Library
Golfing simulators
Passes to a golf range
Summer camp programs
Table hockey
Video games
All-you-can-eat cafeteria
Fresh fruit every morning
Travelling snack cart
Free healthy breakfasts
Weekly beer cart
Hot tub
Mentoring program
Christmas party for staff, family, retirees
Free turkey to employees at Christmas
Discounted rates for friends and family on company’s services
Early quitting time before summer stat holidays
Paid day off on employee birthday
Recognition rewards
$1,000 on purchase of a hybrid vehicle
Pets allowed
Onsite music rehearsal space
Monthly draw for prizes that range from luxury care rentals to weekend getaways for two
Free use of employer’s condo/cottage/boat/etc.
Service to find daycare, schools, senior care facilities
Free tickets to local sports team

Discounted employee mortgage rates
$5,000 toward the cost of new home
Property tax rebates
Low interest home loans

Spa treatments
Bonus vacation in Banff or Lake Louise
Paid weekend holidays
Free trip for two
Performance rewards redeemable for travel, gift certificates and merchandise
Performance rewards tailored to each employee’s needs

Company-paid pension
Pension plan contributions (15% of monthly salary)
Transfer unused health benefits to your RRSP
RRSP contributions
Year-end bonuses to $20,000
Share purchase plan
Promote-from-within strategy
Profit sharing

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