Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feel Felt Found: Objection Handling for Sales

‘Feel Felt Found’ is a common method used by top salespeople to overcome objections. It first empathizes with the prospects objection, then relates to how others have had the same objection while sharing a positive outcome.

FEEL: This first step shows you care and lets them feel understood and their concern is acknowledged: "I know just how you feel." "I understand your point" "I get it!"

FELT: The next step lets them know that they’re not alone and that others have felt this way: "Some of our clients have felt that same way."

FOUND: Now provide examples of how those clients overcame their concerns, discovered how good your product/service was for them and vindicated their decision to buy with a successful outcome: "However, what they found was…"

Prospects may give false objections which needs to understood. Objections are an important part of the sales process and must happen in order to get to a close. Ask if they have any other concerns or queries. Then you can address them all. Don't' be afraid to keep asking until every conceivable objection has been uncovered. Handling objections calmly, rationally and with confidence will build credibility and rapport as you add another deal to the board!

Happy selling!

Susan Corcoran