Friday, February 18, 2011

Social Media for Business: What are people saying about your brand?

Have you googled your business lately? Try different search words combined with your company name like love or hate. You may be surprised!

The conversations taking place on social networks can build or erode your brand, your reputation, leads, sales and revenue. Outspoken and respected individuals can influence masses of friends and followers to change their opinions about you. They can trash you or defend you. You can soothe them, cultivate them and turn them into your strongest advocates; or not.

Take Trip Advisor as an example or Rogers. Google "I hate Rogers" and you will see an entire web site dedicated to irate customers. There are videos on You Tube and even an "I Hate Rogers" Face Book fan page!

I am interested in hearing about what's working, not working and why for your social media business strategy.

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