Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sales Planning: How To Develop A 2011 Sales Plan

Didn’t we just write a sales plan? We worked like crazy people to end the year in grand style while celebrating the Holidays with friends and family. Who has the time to write a sales plan for 2011? I urge you to find the time if you expect to keep your sales job. Besides, I’m here to help you write a successful sales plan for 2011.

Let’s not just write a 2011 sales plan for the sake of having one. Instead, let’s develop a 2011 sales plan that is truly a working document. Your 2011 Sales Plan should be a road map to a successful 2011 sales year.

There a many sections in a sales plan for 2011 but truly only two questions need to be answered.

• What Do You Plan To Achieve In 2011?

• How Do You Plan To Achieve It?

Develop a 2011 sales plan around realistic goals. Your sales goals may consider some of the following…

• % Of Quota

• Revenue Attainment

• Employee Turnover

• Churn Rate

• Sales Activity

• Close Rate

• Funnel Levels

• Forecasting Accuracy

This list could go on forever. I urge you decide what’s important and focus on those goals in your 2011 sales plan. That’s how to develop a 2011 sales plan that can and will achieve its sales goals.

How To Develop A 2011 Sales Plan

Use this data in your 2011 sales plan to plan for year over year improvement. If you ended 2010 at 101% of quota, you may have a realistic goal/projection of attaining 110% in 2011.

Now the hard part… What will you do to in 2011 to gain those nine extra percentage points?

What Should Be In A 2011 Sales Plan

Most reps and sales managers simply explain away extra productivity with plans to increase activity. Instead of 8 new appointments every week, the new sales plan for 2011 call for 10 new appointments a week. How weak is that? Let’s get real and develop a solid 2011 sales plan.

Use training and development in your 2011 sales plan as a tool to achieve your new sales goals.

How To Write A Sales Plan For 2011

You’ll close more sales if you have more qualified prospects. Institute sales prospecting training as a way to get more qualified prospects.

You’ll close more sales if you improve your close rate. Improve your close rate with improved sales strategies. This is the type of sales training that must be part of your 2011 sales plan.

Improve your team’s sales skills and you’ll be sure to pick up those nine extra quota attainments points. Ensure your team has the skills to master the sales process. This should be a key point in any solid 2011 Sales Plan.

I urge you to include employee development in your 2011 sales plan.

Plan for great sales success in 2011! Happy Selling!

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