Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blogging: Why businesses should Blog

Not sure of the benefits of blogging? Some of our clients are not sure what to publish and why publish. Here are some compelling reasons to add Blogging to your marketing strategy.

Social Media is all about sharing knowledge. Blogs are a fantastic way to share what you or your business are subject matter experts in. In the spirit of sharing, here are the common questions or concerns we here and what we feel are viable answers:

What is the Benefit of having a Blog?

Social Media marketing helps you spread your brand across vast geography and potential customers, turning strangers into advocates and advocates into customers. The more your company name is out on the web and the more it is associated with high frequency words, the higher your search ranking. Search ranking is HUGE!

Simply by publishing a weekly blog you can increase the two most weighted criteria used by all search engines; “Google Juice” and “Link Love”. You get a greater SEO ranking just because you’re blogging.

“Google Juice” is the number of indexed pages for any given keyword(s) by a search engine. How many pages are returned when you type in your “company” your “product” or “your name” in Google in the top right corner? By blogging, you create page after page for search engines to index with priority treatment.

Your customers will participate in the conversation that you started. Other bloggers will link to your blog content creating “Link Love”. This will drive your web / blog site to the top of the search engines.

What should we be writing about?

Blogging is the most effective tool you can use to show your customers and prospects that you are participating, you understand your industry, and your a thought leader providing insights and information.

Write about what you know!

A blog only takes a few minutes, requires 400 words once a week, and creates and invaluable platform for you and your customers / prospects to engage in meaningful dialog that builds trust; which ultimately leads to sales.

Not every post needs to be original. Repurpose materials and other articles you find. The etiquette is that you give credit to the source you copied to your blog. So easy! Again, not everything has to be original content!

When should I start Blogging?

There is no time like the present! Setting up a Blog Site is easy and free. It's important to know that you haven't missed anything yet. The opportunity to make an impact is still available to you.

What you need to know about new age of Marketing...

You’ve probably heard, and repeated, the old sales adage, “People do business with people they know,
like and trust.” There is an implied progression wrapped up in that axiom: a movement from not knowing
to knowing, and a movement from unfamiliar to increasing levels of trust.

Marketers have turned the adage into a sales funnel or, to match my definition of marketing, a marketing
continuum where strangers are welcomed and then nurtured or cultivated through a process over time.

Marketing seeks to move people through stages. Whether you call it a sales pipeline or marketing funnel or something else, we all tend to see the process as a linear sequence. In this wild and wonderful age of social media, there’s a growing, intriguing phenomenon: Advocates may or may not be actual users! That means it’s probably worthwhile for you to spend time nurturing people who will never flow through all the stages of your sales funnel. You’ll see Blogging as a way of addressing the needs of your non-using advocate community.

In the end, Blogging represents a new realm of possibilities and an infinite market place. How fun is that!

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