Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twitter Best Practices: Top 10 Twitter activites

If you are new to Twitter, here are some best practices that will help you be successful:

  1. You want to turn strangers into advocates - write your 140 character message with that in mind
  2. Choose a handle that will be easy to search or has meaningful key words "CRM" "Sales" "Telecom"
  3. Leverage the Twitter background to expand upon you and your business
  4. Add a photo or image. There is nothing worse than looking at an egg instead of a face. It just doesn't make you want to follow that handle
  5. Follow people, lots of people and search by interests or key words. Search and follow your customers, vendors, competition and "friendlies"
  6. Follow people back! This is the fastest way to learn & grow
  7. Use links! Link back to videos, web sites, articles - anything that is more than 140 characters
  8. Retweet. What's that you say? Taking someone elses message and resending it to your network
  9. Use Direct Messaging. Respond to people who show interest in your tweets. It's like texting.
  10. Have some fun with it! You don't need to go for the jugular with twitter. Be genuine and share ideas. Sharing ideas and knowledge is the foundation of Twitter.
So who uses Twitter? Well, you might be surprised - middle class, up and coming, obviously the cool kids that are progressively minded. I use the cool kids reference in jest. Actually, Twitter is a fantastic B2B tool. With Twitter being only 5 years old, it is a treasure chest that is growing exponentially.

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