Monday, May 16, 2011

How not to use Twitter for Business

It is important to learn how to use Twitter to promote your business without annoying your followers with bad twitter etiquette.

Here are some of easiest ways to annoy your followers:

1. Post Spammy Tweets.
If you don’t know what spamming on Twitter is and don’t know a single spammer, then you are probably one of them. If you are, it is important that you change the way that you tweet. Do not post something that claims to be about a popular topic just to send them somewhere else. People will feel tricked and be annoyed at you.
Post relevant and helpful information that keeps followers coming back for more. Make your followers really want to read your next tweet.

2. Follow Anyone and Everyone
You should only be following those whose thoughts and tweets actually interest you, post good information and/or are relevant to your brand.
Do not use auto-follow programs. They are not considered ethical since you are really only using them to increase your number of followers. Take the time to look through those who follow you and those tweeting about topics in your niche to determine whether someone is worthy of your follow.

3. Post Tweets Which Have No Relevance to Those who Follow You
If you have a shoe company and generally post about the shoe business, brands and new products...don’t tweet about things like cookie recipes or Justin Bieber (unless, of course, he is actually wearing the shoes!)
If you represent an online business about safely products, don’t promote web hosting.

It is simply not relevant and annoys your followers! Keep every post relevant to the people who follow you. Learn how to use Twitter to pass along information that is important to them and they will pass it on to others.

4. Post Automated Tweets That Are Out of Date.
Do not post about summer sales in the fall. Do not talk about Christmas gift ideas in March. While there is a place for automatic posting, make sure each and every tweet is relevant and valuable to anyone who might read it. Otherwise, this is just another form of spamming.

5. Discuss What You Are Doing Every Minute.
Tweet 1: I just got out of my bed.

Tweet 2: Have to go brush my teeth.

Tweet 3: Need to take a shower.

Tweet 4: Out of the shower now. Time for breakfast.

Tweet 5: Cereal or bagel?

Tweet 6: Cream cheese or butter?

Tweet 7: Better hurry…still need to get dressed
Trust us...they Don’t Care! Don’t bore followers with your details!

6. Ignore Everyone Who Reaches Out to You.
If you’re not going to be social with anyone else on Twitter, then you might as well not use it at all. The whole point of social media is to be social!
It does not take that much time each day to check mentions that you have had (like @BizSocialNet in their tweet), retweets and direct messages from others. Thank people for mentions and retweets.
If someone tweets you in their #FollowFriday (or #FF) list, thank them for that too. You may want to even return the favor on the next Friday!

7. Sell, sell, sell.
If all your tweets lead to a sales pitch, people will get sick of them really fast. People want information...not a constant sales pitch.
Make almost all of your tweets helpful and informative without a hard-sell agenda. Then if you do happen to tweet a sale or offer once in a while...the followers will welcome the information instead of running the other way.

8. Rarely Tweet.
If you only update your profile and tweet once every six months, people will probably unfollow you. If you are not tweeting regularly, what’s the point?

Not sure if you are using twitter to it's full advantage? Best to read up and harness the power of Twitter before it causes harm to your brand.

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